About Us

Porchlight Music Theatre has 22 years experience casting award-winning theatrical productions with the finest actors, dancers and singers now working in Chicago and the region.

Porchlight Casting Services is available as a freelance, comprehensive collaborator to assist producers and creative teams in providing the most thorough search through our expansive knowledge of the Chicago-area acting community and by providing a fruitful audition process for theatrical, industrial and film productions.

Our professional, efficient and reliable team has experience in all sized productions, and our spacious, comfortable and fully equipped audition and rehearsal facilities offer your casting team an all-inclusive, relaxed and focused environment to work, whether casting a large scale musical production or smaller project. 


Porchlight Casting Services is the perfect addition to your team when casting:

Theatrical productions (both musical and non-musical)

Season Generals


Readings and Workshops

Live and Filmed Industrial Production

Independent Films



For more information, contact info@porchlightmusictheatre.org